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Current Afghanistan Projects

During the period 2014 to 2018 Tents4Peace will concentrate our energies on fund raising and supporting woman and children affected by war and poverty in Afghanistan.

We will do this by working in the following areas:

Emergency Food Packages for Street Children and Families
Disabled Children Sponsorship
Sewing Circles
Agricultural Pursuits
Drug Addiction in Afghanistan



homeless Boy

Emergency Food Packages

Emergency Food Packages


Since 2012 we have trialled a new project of placing destitute children and women in private accommodation rather then in institutions and orphanages. We provide them with shelter, food, clothing, medical assistance and education, but not money. This has been a most successful project with many positive outcomes.

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Your donation of $100 will purchase a package consisting of one months food for a family of 5, plus warm clothing, some heating and medicals. Tents4Peace volunteers distribute these 'packages' to many of the thousands of destitute street children and their families, each year during the month of Ramadan and during the harsh winter months.

Download 2014 Ramadan Street Children Appeal flyer here

  Disabled Children Sponsorship

Disabled Boy

Safa's Sewing Circles of Afghanistan

Sewing Circles


On almost every street in Kabul and throughout Afghanistan, the aftermath of war, terror and poverty has produced a child not only living in poverty, but with disabilities of many kinds. Many mothers are left traumatised as a result of the dreadful environment and abuse they have suffered.

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Some of the widows and older girls supported by Tents4peace have formed a Sewing Circle as their vocational focus. Neelab, a very enterprising young women, assists us with running our projects in Afghanistan, and she has been very effective in getting the women involved and establishing the program.

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Drug Addiction in Afghanistan

addiction in Afghanistan

Agricultural Pursuits

Agriculture - Woman farmer


Many families are caught in the trap of drug addiction, particularly fathers and teenage boys. Families not only suffer abject poverty and violence, but are often heart broken when dealing with the disintegration of a loved one. The sense of hopelessness and despair are two-fold for these impoverished families.

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In 2011 Tents4Peace trialled a program for the raising of seeds for agricultural use. Much research and commitment has gone into this project and substantial knowledge has now been acquired to launch a successful project for a sustainable agricultural community, run on a cooperative basis by all community members, but mainly women and their children.

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  Effects of War

Effects of war, prosthesis
"Save The Children" statistics

Afghan Child Recycling

After years of war and conflict Afghanistan' s children and women have been left to live in squalor and misery without adequate food, heating, shelter or medicals. Women are subjected to abuse and violence and many have turned to drugs in despair and desperation.

1 in 3 children do not go to school,
1 in 5 children die before their fifth birthday of treatable diseases,
1 in 10 women die in childbirth,
33% of children are underweight and undernourished,
the average lifespan is 50 years, and
there is under 50% of access to adequate and clean water.

The list is not exhaustive. There is so much despair and feelings of hopelessness that drug addiction has now become rampant, particularly among the street children.

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