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"Aspire not to have more, but to be more" ~ Oscar Romero

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Contact Us

Tents4Peace International Inc.

Postal Address:

The Secretary
Tents4Peace International
PO Box 8043
LPO Tarneit Victoria 3021

Anna Crotty

Anna Crotty
Executive Officer
Founder of Tents4Peace

Ph: +61(0)438 358 516

Email: annacrotty@yahoo.com.au

Fazila Tasmim, Executive Officer and Programme Manager for Afghanistan

Fazila Tasmim
Executive Officer
Project Manager (Afghanistan)

Ph: +61(0)402 841 002

Email: fazilatasmim@hotmail.com


Tents4Peace International, PO Box 8043, LPO Tarneit, Victoria 3021
Anna Crotty, Executive Director and Founder 0438 358 516 annacrotty(at)yahoo.com.au
Fazila Tasmim, Executive Director (Afghanistan Projects) 0402 841 002 fazilatasmim(at)hotmail.com

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