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Current Projects

Tents4Peace remains open to respond to distressed people all over the world who need emergency shelter as a result of homelessness due to natural disasters or conflict.

This is our ongoing commitment.


Nepal Earthquake 2015
Tents4Peace has a proven track record for effectiveness and fast life-saving service to remote and sometimes inaccessible areas. We are in the position to be the lifesavers NOW to those in remote areas, until more substantial aid is offered in the long term.

We are on stand-by with equipment on the Indian border, but we need your financial donation to buy 500 kits. We will deliver them in bundles of 100 as the donations come in.

We have EMERGENCY KITS for $100 A kit consists of a six person tent, blanket/s, medical kit, water purifying tablets, light stove with fuel, matches and torch plus some warm clothing and one weeks supply of rice.
BUY ONE Individually or Share with friend/or friends

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Facebook Nepal Earthquake Tents4Peace Nepal

Nepal Earthquake 2015

Our current projects for 2014/18 based in Afghanistan include:

* Helping Street Children in Kabul this Ramadan
* Housing orphans / widows
* Compulsory Education for children under our care.
* Twice Yearly Appeals for destitute families and children in tent cities or living on the streets,
* Women Sewing Circles
* Agricultural pursuits
* Project for Drug Addiction
* Personal Sponsorship for Disabled Children

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Facebook Afghanistan Tents4Peace Afghanistan

Tents4Peace International

Following the damaging floods in Ladakh a few years back Tents4Peace received a request from one of our supporters to assist poverty stricken Buddhist nuns to re-roof their nunnery outside of Leh, in Ladakh.

They have no means to raise funds for material and for years have endured the cold and bitter winds. They have remained committed to their practice against all odds.

This year Tents4Peace has received from a sponsor the sum of $5000 to enable the re-roofing to commence.

Ladakh Project

During the period 2014 to 2018 Tents4Peace will concentrate our energies on fund raising and supporting woman and children affected by war and poverty in Afghanistan.

We will do this by:
* By running two major fund raising appeals each year to enable us to supply 'Emergency Food Packages' to some of the thousands of destitute children and women who live in Tent Cities or on the streets of Kabul. Our target is for 500 'emergency Food Packages" each year.

* By sustaining and increasing our sponsorship of families in poverty by supplying them with shelter, food, clothing and education. By the end of 2018 our target is to be supporting 100 such families.

* By ensuring that the children of the families we support attend compulsory education. We hope to inject more funds into ensuring that girls in particular get a basic education and to make higher education available to children who have the ability to benefit from such support. Our aim by 2018 is to support between 400 to 500 children in this way.

* By raising funds to purchase cloth, materials and equipment to extend our current 'Women's Sewing Circles' into productive enterprise where women involved in this enterprise are able to establish their own business.

* By funding programs which will engage children with special needs to live worthwhile lives within their communities. We envisage social programs such as physical outings, communication opportunities with others, vocational training and additional medical support. We propose to do this by encouraging those who are financially capable to sponsor a child on a personal level. The child becomes part of the sponsors family.

* By funding individual people with drug addiction to attend regular rehabilitation programs conducted by local hospitals and drug and rehabilitation organisations. Personal counselling will be made available to family members affected by the drug addicts behaviour.

* By setting up a self sufficient, alternative energy and organic farming enterprise on 7 acres of land outside of Kabul.

* By the end of 2018 we hope to have set up Women's Cooperatives to ensure the long term viability of this enterprise and to ensure their financial future.

Our Vision for Projects in Afghanistan for 2014 to 2018  

Tents4Peace International, PO Box 3059 West Hobart Tasmania 7000
Anna Crotty, Executive Director and Founder 0438 358 516 annacrotty(at)yahoo.com.au
Fazila Tasmim, Executive Director (Afghanistan Projects) 0402 841 002 fazilatasmim(at)hotmail.com

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