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"Aspire not to have more, but to be more" ~ Oscar Romero

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2015 Nepal Earthquake

2014 Winter Appeal

Tents4Peace has a proven track record for effectiveness and fast life-saving service to remote and sometimes inaccessible areas. We are in the position, with your assistance, to be the lifesavers NOW to those in remote areas until more substantial aid is offered in the long term.

We have EMERGENCY KITS for $100 A kit consists of a six person tent, blanket/s, medical kit, water purifying tablets, light stove with fuel, matches and torch plus some warm clothing and one weeks supply of rice.

We are on stand-by with equipment on the Indian border and we are delivering them in bundles of 100 as the donations come in. To date we have raised enough funds to supply over 700 kits and delivered them to remote parts of Nepal.

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Ramadan Appeal 2015

Ramadam Appeal  2015 for the Street Children of Kabul

Ramadam Appeal 2015 for the Street Children of Kabul

Those who fast from dark to dusk during the month of Ramadan experience a fraction of the hunger and thirst that over 60,000 impoverished street children feel on a daily basis on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Tents4Peace International is responding this Ramadan to these deprived children by providing ‘FOOD PACKAGES’ to as many of their families as we can. A food package of $100 AUD will feed a family of five for one month!

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Regular Monthly Sponsorship - Child/Mother

Regular Monthly Donation

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PO Box 3059
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Donate to a specific Afghanistan Project

Donate to an Afghanistan Project

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Emergency Food Packages ($100) (E.F.P.)
Women's Sewing Circle (W.S.C.)
Street Children of Kabul (S.C.K.)
Drug Addiction Programs (D.A.P.)
Disabled Children Programs (D.C.P.)
Agricultural Pursuits (A.P.)

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Emergency Food Package Gift Voucher

Emergency Food Pakage Gift Vouchers

Purchase an Emergency Food Package Gift Voucher
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Contact us:
The Secretary
Tents4Peace International
PO Box 3059
West Hobart Tasmania 7000

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Tents4Peace International, PO Box 3059 West Hobart Tasmania 7000
Anna Crotty, Executive Director and Founder 0438 358 516 annacrotty(at)yahoo.com.au
Fazila Tasmim, Executive Director (Afghanistan Projects) 0402 841 002 fazilatasmim(at)hotmail.com

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