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Drug Addiction in Afghanistan


Drug Addiction in Afghanistan

Many families are caught in the trap of drug addiction particularly fathers. Families not only suffer abject poverty and violence but are often heart broken when dealing with the disintegration of a loved one. The sense of hopelessness and despair are two fold for these impoverished families.

Tents4peace has commenced a program where we assist the addicted person (usually men and teenage boys) with medical and counselling programs as well as their families. There must be a willingness and motivation by the addicted person to assist himself with our support. There is no judgement as one can never know what led a person to addiction. However, there must be genuine effort made by the addicted person including non violence towards loved ones.

We have successfully trialled this program and the good results are evident.

We need considerable funding and support from those best able to assist on a regular basis. Our vision is to obtain corporate donation on an ongoing bases.

You would greatly assist by a general donation as well as assisting us to obtain corporate support if possible. A regular donation from $50 a month to support an addicted person and family will work miracles.

Please help to sustain these projects either on a regular basis or by generous donation..

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addiction in Afghanistan

addiction in Afghanistan




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