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Tents4Peace International Inc is a non-profit registered organization founded by an Australian woman, Anna Crotty. Our main role is to provide short term emergency shelter to those who have been left homeless as a result of war or natural disasters.

As a secondary initiative Tents4Peace, works towards providing basic infrastructure, food and medicals, following up with homes, orphanages, education, sponsorship, care for disabled children, drug rehabilitation, and sustainable projects such as vocational training for women and agricultural pursuits.

We are a grass roots community group working in a voluntary capacity without major infrastructure or corporate support, sustained by ordinary people. As a result we are able to mobilise quickly and effectively in the initial stages of a disaster to supply emergency life saving shelter. In some instances we have been able to operate in distressed areas before major aid organisations. We respond to critical situations anywhere in the world. We do not have any religious or political affiliations. We are sensitive to the need to honor the cultural integrity of those we assist, and we encourage ethical sustainability and self determination whenever possible.

Our objective is to enable women and children living in poverty to get out of poverty.

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  PROJECTS for 2014 to 2018  
  Effects of war, prosthesis Afghan Child Recycling

Effects of War:
After years of war and conflict Afghanistan' s children and women have been left to live in squalor and misery without adequate food,heating, shelter or medicals. Women are subjected to abuse and violence and many have turned to drugs in despair and desperation.

Save the Children statistics:
1 in 3 children do not go to school,
1 in 5 children die before their fifth birthday of treatable diseases,
1 in 10 women die in childbirth,
33% of children are underweight and undernourished,
the average lifespan is 50 years, and
there is under 50% of access to adequate and clean water.

The list is not exhaustive. There is so much despair and feelings of hopelessness that drug addiction has now become rampart particularly among the street children.

  For 2014 to 2018 Tents4Peace will focus on projects and already established programs in Afghanistan

These include:
* Providing homes for the homeless
* Education
* Medical, food and heating provisions for children and women living below poverty level in "Tent Cities" Kabul
* Agricultural and Vocational pursuits for women
* Sewing Circles
* Children with disabilities
* Drug addiction


Girls learning

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  © 2014 Tents4Peace International is a registered Not for Profit Association under Tasmanian Corporation Act 2001