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Drug Addiction in Afghanistan

Safa's Sewing Circles in Afghanistan

Some of the widows and older girls supported by Tents4peace have formed a Sewing Circle as their vocational  focus.

The enterprise has been established in two rooms in a private home and the women meet on a daily bases to learn dressmaking and pattern making and small business courses.

Neelab, a very enterprising young women, assists us with running our projects in Afghanistan. She has been very effective in getting the women involved and establishing the program.

We have on board a well educated and professional tutor who is very skilful in this area. The aim is to train the women to run the program and business themselves, in the long term. They provide clothing for local people, shops and schools. Wherever possible we use cloth made in Afghanistan, local designs and all the work is performed by the women involved.

This project is a local initiative  supporting local communities by cooperation and involvement. Tents 4peace derives no benefit from this project - it is not a sweat shop to produce goods for the West for profit. This enterprise, in the long term will be owned by Afghan women, to support themselves and their families. Any profits go back into the business for business extension and financial support for the families involved.

We vision that these small Co-operations can be established throughout rural Afghanistan in particular in the small scale clothing industry, agriculture and office support enterprises. Please give us your ideas and time, and wherever possible financially support to maintain this enterprise.

We are aiming to raise the sum of $10,000 to enable us to obtain bigger premises, more  sewing machines, cloth and payment for further training. We want local contracts to produce goods and services within Afghanistan.

The women and older girls derive much emotional support and comraderie from the sewing circles of Kabul, but just as importantly they regain dignity and a sense of purpose to enable them to move away from the traumas of the past into a brighter future.

Be part of this joyful enterprise.

Please help to sustain these projects either on a regular basis or by generous donation..

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Sewing Circles

Sewing circles

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