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Afghanistan Peace House

At the request of ‘Save the Children Fund,’ Tents4 Peace was able to raise more funds, and build ‘Peace House’, a home for widows and children who had been affected by the 2005 earthquake. This was built on land in Kabul transferred to Mahboba’s Promise Charity and Tents4 Peace.

Peace House was built under the directorship of Sidiq Rawi of Mahboba's Promise. This orphanage is now run by that organisation and incorporates permaculture principles.

Many of the Afghani refugees made homeless as a result of the earthquake, were put into unsuitable and poorly established refugees camps. They were not receiving any of the aid coming from the Western Countries and the Pakistan Government was not supporting them. Many decided to return to their war torn country across the Khyber Pass.

‘Tents4Peace’ decided to partner with Dr Nasreen, a doctor working in these camps, and the organization known as Mahboba’s Promise.

In September 2006 Anna Crotty went with Mahboba Rawi to assess the situation in Afghanistan. It was then decided to provide permanent shelter for some of these destitute Afghani refugees who were returning from Pakistan.

In 2007 the ‘Peace House’ orphanage was completed and it now houses many widows and children. The building is also used for training purposes to ensure that women and children get as much education as possible, thus increasing their chances for future independence.


Peace House
Peace House

Anna and refugee children

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