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Past Projects
Tents 4 Burma

Goods being loaded for Burma
Goods being loaded by laypeople and the monks

Tents4Burma was a major project run by Tents4Peace during May and June 2008. We raised funds to provide shelter and medical supplies to some of the 2 million people adversely affected by Cyclone Nargis.

Up to the 1st July 2008 we had supplied over 1900 families with waterproof tarpaulins (to be used for mobile shelter to keep dry, as well as for water catchment because of the monsoons), water purification tablets, medical supplies and cooking utensils.

We worked in partnership with the Burmese Medical Association, the Sasadhaja Buddhists Association and the Dhammadata Buddhist association, to ensure this aid was delivered to where it was most needed in the Irrawaddy Delta of Burma. To date all our aid has got through to where it is most needed.

This has been a very successful project as we were able to get our aid in quickly and effectively.

A big thank you to all our generous volunteers and donors.

133,650 were reported dead or missing - the worst national disaster in Southeast Asia since the 2004 tsunami.

You can see photos of some of our achievemets, plus photos of the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis.

building bridges
A bridge to keep the feet dry - the start of hope

Burmese families effected by the cyclone
Families grateful for tarpaulins

cooking food for cyclone-effected people
Goods being loaded by lay people and the monks

Distribution within Burma

Tin Hta Nu
was our key person for distribution in Burma. She is Aung San Suu Kyi’s cousin, and a past academic of the Rangoon University. Tin was also a lecturer in economics at Armidale University in NSW.

Tin is the President of the Burmese Women’s Union of Australia. She and her husband have been working for many years with AusAid in Vietnam on rural development. Tin was a Burmese nun for many years, and currently teaches Buddhism in Port Macquarie, NSW. Through Tin, we worked in close liaison with the Burmese Doctors’ Associations of Australia.


Tents for Burma Project Team
L-R: Ngaire Green, Tin Hta Nu, and Anna Crotty.

Ngaire Green, Tin Hta Nu and SAnna Crotty

Tents4Peace International, PO Box 3059 West Hobart Tasmania 7000
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Fazila Tasmim, Executive Director (Afghanistan Projects) 0402 841 002 fazilatasmim(at)hotmail.com

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