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Tents 4 North West Province of Pakistan/Afghanistan

Pakistan Earthquake 2006
The Tents4Peace Pakistan project was initiated by Anna Crotty and Ann Hicks, in response to the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2005.

Tents4 Peace began when thousands of people were still without shelter, food or medical assistance, ten days after the 2005/6 earthquake in Pakistan. Anna and Ann, with a strong team of volunteers, decided to take action. They obtained 1060 good quality tents at cost price. Each tents was made of waterproof canvas, and housed on average 8 to 10 people.

Next, they embarked on an extensive plea by email and local media coverage. Money for the tents came in from all over the country. The Australian public purchased all of the tents in just a few days. All tents were freighted free of charge by Qantas and Pakistan airlines. The Fred Hollows Foundation then distributed the tents, and some were also delivered by ex Russian Airforce personnel in smaller Russian planes to the remote areas of the North West Province. Every tent was delivered, saving thousands of lives.

A big Thank You to Byron Bay Camping Shop whose unrelenting support made the vision of this project a reality.


Boy huddled in the rain - North West Provinces
Pakistani boy huddled in rain


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