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Tents 4 Tibet

Shelter a Tibetan Family from the bitter winter.

Earthquake aftershock continues

The aftermath of the devastating earthquake which occurred in Yushu (Tibetan Autonomous Region known as Jyekundo) left thousands of families without homes or shelter. The temperatures at the time were below freezing.

Tents 4 Tibet
Previous state of emergency shelter

Tents4Peace provided material and employment to several Tibetan families in another region to manufacture good quality, felt lined yurts and to transport them to a village outside of Yushu, where sick, injured and freezing families were clinging to life.

Tents 4 Tibet
New winterised tent

We sent over 60 yurts with the assistance of Tibetan monks from nearby monasteries. A small village was sent up housing over 60 families and some of the yurts were used for schools, hospitals and a medical centre. This small village still stands today (the yurts have a life span of 15 years) and remains a vibrant and much loved centre point for many of the Tibetan people who live in that area.

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