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"Aspire not to have more, but to be more" ~ Oscar Romero

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Who we are
All volunteers and Office Bearers are unpaid and only minimal cost is used for Administration and travel.

Tents4Peace International is a registered Not for Profit Association, under the Tasmanian Corporation Act 2001. Registration Number L102. We prepare our books and accounts for audit each financial year.

We operate through an Executive Committee which changes from time to time.

We mainly work with community groups wanting to support a specific project.

Anna Crotty Executive Officer and Founder of Tents4Peace

Anna Crotty, Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Anna (pictured with grandson Finn) is a retired Human Rights lawyer who has worked in the Equal Opportunity and Discrimination field for many years. She has a background in Industrial Relations and ran her own legal practice for many years.

She also has a background in nursing, volunteer aid work, Amnesty International and has served on many Boards and Committees in relation to Conflict Resolution, Environmental Issues and Discrimination.

She is an active grandmother and her first and encompassing love is for children and their future. She believes that the measure of a sane and progressive society lies in the way it loves cherishes and honours its children.
Fazila Tasmim Executive Officer and Project Manager for all projects in Afghanistan
Fazila Tasmim, Executive Officer and Programme Manager for Afghanistan Fazila was born in Kabul Afghanistan. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Language and Literature at Kabul University. She has been living in Australia since 1986 and came here as a refugee.

After completing her education in Australia she has worked in many different public service organizations. Currently Fazila is teaching in a language school and working part time with SBS radio based in Melbourne as presenter and broadcaster.

Fazila is primarily responsible for all Tents for Peace activities in Afghanistan and once a year she travels there to ensure our programs are effective.

Click here to see a small part of a day in the life of Fazila in Kabul

Neelab Yaqubi
Neelab Yaqubi Neelab Yaqui has a degree in business management from Kabul and lived in Pakistan as a refugee for many years.

She came back to Afghanistan with a passion to help her people.

Naleeb runs Tents4Peace's projects in Afghanistan on a daily basis.
Shakila Wali
Shakila Wali, sewing teacher Shakila Wali is a professional teacher who has years of experience in sewing and pattern design.

Our Credentials and Awards

Anna Crotty

Senior Australian of the Year (Tasmania) 2013

Pictured is Tents4Peace's Anna Crotty. Anna was also given a place on Tasmania's 2013 Women's Roll of Honour.

Green Leader Casey O'Connor and Anna Crotty

United Nations Human Rights Medalist for 2011

Pictured are Tasmanian Minister for Housing and Green Leader Casey O'Connor and Anna Crotty

Quentin Bryce

United Nations Human Rights Award (Tasmania)

Pictured are Governor General Quentin Bryce and Anna Crotty

PeaAustralia ce Medal Awards

Pride of Australia Peace Medal 2008

Pictured are the Tents4Peace Team. From left Fazila Hajeb, back Chai Hicks, center Anna Crotty, right Ngaire Green.

My Favourite Australian

ABC My Favourite Australian - Unsung Hero

Awarded to Anna Crotty for her work with Tents4Peace.

Tents4Peace's success has demonstrated that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

Tents4Peace origins

"The name Tents4Peace International grew out of the concept of supplying emergency shelter in the form of good quality, long-lasting tents for those left homeless as the result of war or natural disaster throughout the world.

The wish for "Peace" to prevail over such tragedies became the cornerstone of our endeavours."

Tents4Peace International, PO Box 3059 West Hobart Tasmania 7000
Anna Crotty, Executive Director and Founder 0438 358 516 annacrotty(at)yahoo.com.au
Fazila Tasmim, Executive Director (Afghanistan Projects) 0402 841 002 fazilatasmim(at)hotmail.com

© 2014 Tents4Peace International is a registered Not for Profit Association under Tasmanian Corporation Act 2001